» Пользовательское соглашение
Пользовательское соглашение
This User Agreement (the "Agreement") is an offer to the Internet user (the "User") to enter into an agreement to use the services (the "Services") provided on https://podacha-blud.com (the "Site").

General Provisions
1.1 The use of the Site and Services by User is subject to this Agreement.

1.2 The laws of the Russian Federation shall apply to this Agreement and the relations between the Website and the User, arising in connection with the use of the Website and Services.

1.3 By registering on the Website, or by using the opportunity to post any information or any materials of whatsoever nature (hereinafter - the Information) on the Website, by viewing the information on the Website or any other functionality of the Website or Service, the User expresses its unconditional consent to all the terms of this Agreement and undertakes to comply with them. If the User does not unconditionally agree to all of the terms of this Agreement, the User agrees to immediately stop using the Site and the Services.

2. Providing, Placing and Using Information
2.1 Full access to the Site and Services, including creating a User's profile, posting Information, learning more about other Users, sending messages, is available only to the registered User.

2.2 The User is solely responsible for the safety of their login and password and has no right to transfer or provide them to third parties. All actions performed on the site using the login and password belonging to the User shall be deemed to have been performed by the User.

2.3 The User undertakes to comply with the following conditions and restrictions when posting Information and using the Service in any other way:

2.3.1 The Information (including any materials) posted by the User must not violate copyrights, trademark rights, means of individualization and/or rights to other intellectual property objects owned by third parties;

2.3.2 Performing actions aimed at misleading other Users is prohibited on the Website and when using the Services;

2.3.3 The posting of information and comments that violate the rights and legal interests of third parties (including photos and videos, the main object of which is a person, if that person has not given his or her consent to the posting of his or her photo or video on the Site, as well as advertising, erotic, pornographic or offensive materials) is prohibited on the Site.

2.3.4. Within the Site it is prohibited:

- Propaganda of violence, racial, sexual, national, religious discrimination;

- Use of obscene language;

- Engaging in commercial activities in any form, including: advertising of goods and services, Internet resources and other products, including in the nicknames, avatars, signatures, as well as sending advertising through private messages. Any correspondence with other users via private messages for the purpose of commercial gain is prohibited;

- Creation of more than one account by one User;

- Placing other information on the site, which, in the opinion of the site administration, does not correspond to the mission, values, thematic policy and goals of the portal;

- Disrespectful attitude towards interlocutors: rude personalities (reference to profession, nationality, position, physical defects, mental disorders, qualitative assessment of the interlocutor's personality, rough characteristic of his/her actions, negative discussion of personal qualities and other forms).

- Discussion of political issues not directly or indirectly related to the topic of family, motherhood and childhood.

- Announcing, promoting, hidden advertising in any form of the following topics: contraception, abortion, alcohol and tobacco products, loans, horoscopes, fortune telling, spiritualistic services, computer games, suicide (suicide), drugs and psychotropic drugs, pedophilia, pornography.

2.3.5 User agrees that the Site Administration, represented by moderators, reserves the right to remove any materials, as well as to block or delete profiles of users without explanation.

2.3.6 User's actions should not violate the rights of citizens and other users of the site, including the right to privacy, personal and family secrets, honor, dignity and good name. In particular, the User is not entitled to collect, systematize, store or distribute in any way the information placed by other users of the Service, as well as to provide to the third parties an opportunity to make the specified actions using the access given to the Service to the User.

2.4. User agrees that Information, posted by him on the Site, is available to other users, both directly on the Site, and by broadcasting by various technical means with a link to the original source (through mailing lists, RSS, embedcode, etc.), to the extent in which the User left Information on the Site.

2.5 User agrees that Information (any part of it), access to which is not closed or restricted, is considered publicly available and does not require confidentiality.

2.6 The User agrees that when placing or distributing any Information on the Site or its Services, he/she allows its use by the Site and Internet users (including unregistered users of the Site) according to this Agreement free of charge and for an indefinite period of time, if such use is not contrary to Russian law. In this case the User must independently assess all risks associated with the use of information posted by other users, including an assessment of their reliability, completeness or usefulness.

2.7 The User agrees that the Site Administration may allow third parties, including publishers and advertising networks, to place advertisements on the Site. In this regard the User agrees that any of such third parties may place cookies on the User's computer in order to identify the User's computer each time these companies send the User an online advertisement. In this case the User understands that the Site Administration has no control over the use of the User's cookies by third parties when placing ads. User has the right to prohibit third parties from using his/her personal information for advertising purposes. This prohibition does not affect the ability to view advertisements on the Site.

3 Responsibility
3.1 The User is solely responsible to third parties for their actions while using the Site and Services, including the fact that they comply with legal requirements and do not violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties. The User undertakes to settle all claims from third parties related to their actions while using the Service independently and at their own expense.

3.2 The Site has the right, at its sole discretion and without notice, to remove all or part of the Information posted by the User, in particular, if the User posts on the Site Information, comments or committing other actions that do not comply with the requirements of this Agreement.

3.3 For violation of the provisions of this Agreement and other applicable documents the User may block their access to the Website and Service and/or delete their profile without prior notice.

3.4 The Site is not responsible for any use by third parties of the Information posted by the User on the Site, including its reproduction and distribution, either through the Site and the Service or through any other possible means.

3.5 The Site does not check, change or assume any obligations to control the content of the information posted by the users within the Site and Services, and does not guarantee and is not responsible for its reliability, legality, quality, or the degree of compliance of the information with the specific demands and needs of the users of the Service.

3.6 The Site is not responsible for the content not belonging to the Site, the links to which may be present in the Information and does not guarantee their availability, correct operation and compliance with the stated subject.

3.7 The Website does not compensate any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the User or third parties as a result of use or inability to use the Website and/or Services.

4. Consent to personal data processing
4.1 By registering on the Website, or using the opportunity to post any information on the Website, the User confirms their consent to the processing of personal data.

4.2 The User's personal data shall be processed in accordance with the Processing Policy of Personal Data (https://podacha-blud.com/politika-obrabotki-personalnyh-dannyh.html).

5. Other terms and conditions
5.1 The Service is provided by the Site "as is". The Website does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and Services, their uninterrupted and error-free operation, as well as the safety of the User's profile and the information posted by the User on the Website.

5.2 All complaints about the use/failure to use the Website and/or Services must be sent by e-mail: podacha-blud@gmail.com.

5.3 The Website has the right to change the text of this Agreement and/or any other terms of use of the Website and Services at any time without notice to the User. In situations not described in this Agreement, the Administration has the right to act at its own discretion.